A Very Special Apple Tree

A friend of mine sent me this little tale about his favorite tree from his childhood::::

When I was a young boy, our family moved into a house that had an apple tree in the back yard. As a matter of fact, that was one of the big draws when we moved in, because my parents knew that we would have a lot of fun with it, and they were right. The apple tree in my parents’ back yard has featured prominently in my life, and as odd as it may sound, sitting under it is still one of my favorite things to do.

When we first moved in, I would go out and gather apples and bring them inside to cool in the refrigerator. At that time, my biggest fear was that I would find a half-eaten worm inside one of them, but my mother assured me they were OK. I probably ate two or three apples a day for the first month that we lived in that house. My mother would bake a pie, and ask me to pick some apples to use in it, and I always took great pride in picking the most appealing apples possible.

As I got older, I enjoyed going out and gathering apples to make cider. It was a very interesting experience for me because I had never even heard of making apple cider until a friend of mine from New England came over and told me about it. “It’s one of the best parts about having an apple tree!” he told me. I picked apples for that, as well.

On a sadder note, whenever my pets would pass away as a child, I always wanted to put them in a very special place, and invariably, I would bury them under the apple tree. I guess that I figured that if I enjoyed it so much, they would too.

When I graduated high school, I put on about 80 pounds. I was really struggling with my weight and becoming extremely frustrated at myself for my seeming inability to lose weight. I expressed my concerns to my doctor at a visit one day, and he told me that I needed to get back to the basics, and eat a healthy, balanced diet, which included plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. My first stop was the apple tree, where I picked the fruit that helped me to drop the weight, and get back down to within a healthy weight range.

The apple tree has featured prominently in my life and is something I always think about with great fondness. Even to this day, whenever we go to visit my mother, I sit under the apple tree and remember how things used to be. I guess some things never change, and I hope it never does.